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Division of Assets in Divorce

Division of Assets in Divorce

Dividing marital assets in divorce is a detailed process, and to effectively complete this process you must look at every single marital asset. From valuating the marital home to valuating a business, this process must be handled by an experienced lawyer who understands what’s at stake.

Attorney Joanne P. Monagan has more than 20 years of matrimonial and family law experience in New York state. She has worked with clients from all types of backgrounds and circumstances in the divorce process. She handles all types of related issues, from determining spousal support (alimony) to creating a custody and parenting plan when children are involved.

Divorce assets division

Dividing Marital Assets and Debts

Marital property includes anything that has been acquired from the date of the marriage through the date that the divorce action is commenced. Filing for divorce is the starting point at which we can look at all aspects of your situation, and determine what we need to do in order to protect your interests.

Protecting assets during divorce is a painstaking process that requires a proper valuation of every type of asset. Asset valuations may need to be done for everything from businesses to real estate and pensions. If assets are not properly valued (or not valued at all), then any divorce agreement reached may not be appropriately drafted to protect all of your interests. Without a proper valuation of all assets, other aspects of your divorce can be negatively affected, including spousal support.

From identifying risks in pursuing certain strategies to explaining each step of the legal process, attorney Joanne P. Monagan is thorough and hands-on in working with clients. Whatever questions you may have, they will be answered when you work with us.

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