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Child Support

Child support, like other financial matters in divorce, directly impacts your financial future of and the financial future of your kids. Child support is calculated by statutory guidelines in New York. With the help of an attorney, you can be certain that all the facts of your case have been applied to the law. The assistance of an experienced attorney is critical for the best possible outcome in any child support case.Child support

At the Monagan Law Firm, PC, we handle child support, divorce, and family law matters throughout the Capital Region of New York. We have a proven track record in family law and are well-respected in the legal community. When working with our clients, we are continuously driven to reach positive results, regardless of the circumstances at hand.

Child Support, Enforcement and Modifications

Child support payments are initially calculated with guidelines that take into account a party’s income, the number of children, and many other factors. The parenting time schedule and physical custody must be taken into consideration. At our firm, we handle all types of issues involving child support, such as:

Ms. Monagan takes time to explain all aspects of child support, from determining the child support terms to handling the enforcement of a support order. If changes need to be made to an existing agreement, we can help guide you through that process as well.

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To schedule a meeting with our attorney, please contact us at (518) 272-2110. Our office is located in Troy, New York, and we handle cases throughout Albany and Rensselaer counties and beyond. We offer free initial consultations for all divorce and family law matters.