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Professional Licences

Degrees and Professional Licenses in New York Divorce

Those who pursue professional licenses or advanced degrees during the course of a marriage encounter specific types of issues with marital property division when it comes to determining the value of the license and how it fits into the marital assets. While the property division process may be complex, the process of working with a knowledgeable lawyer who helps you with this part of your divorce doesn’t need to be.

At the Law Office of Joanne P. Monagan, Esq., we have specific experience working with clients and spouses of individuals who have obtained professional licenses over the course of a marriage. We are entirely focused on divorce and family law issues and offer our clients personalized, assertive legal representation.

Joanne P. Monagan has more than 20 years of experience in family and matrimonial law and is a well-respected legal advocate. She has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that her clients need, particularly in complex divorce cases. She is solution-oriented and ready to help her clients move forward in their lives.

Professional Licenses and Assets in Divorce

New York has unique laws about professional licenses as marital assets in divorce. When one spouse gets an advanced degree or license and effectively now has enhanced earning potential, this is factored into marital assets and property division in divorce. Every situation is unique and depends on the future earning capacity, how the earning capacity may affect spousal support, and more.

We are very thorough in looking at these situations, and attorney Joanne P. Monagan has significant experience handling divorce cases that involve business valuation, professional licenses, and other unique factors.

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